Ag Scholarship Dinner 2024

Join us - March 7, 2024

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Keynote Speaker

This year we have a very special guest speaker for our annual fundraising dinner.


Dr. Caroline Brookfield

Dr. Caroline Brookfield is a Reluctant Creative. She is a veterinarian, author, speaker, stand-up comic, and mom. Faced with a false ultimatum between art and science, she chose science. If you’re a “left brainer” like Caroline, you might believe that creativity is frivolous, or for artists, kids and grandmas. Eventually, Caroline’s creativity demanded attention, like a cat at dinnertime. She learned how to integrate her creative and scientific sides, for a happier outlook, superior problem solving, and to forge a life that works for her. Caroline is passionate about helping you to overcome your own barriers to individual, everyday creativity through her keynote mullet: Fun up front, and data in the back. Caroline received honors for her veterinary degree from the Ontario Veterinary College, is a level 2 Creative Problem Solving facilitator, and holds a Certificate of Professional Management from the University of Calgary. She earned an Innovation Award at Nestle Purina, for the development of unique, creative and engaging ways to connect with audiences and key customers across Canada. Caroline is published in many peer-reviewed scientific publications, and is the author of “The Reluctant Creative: 5 Effortless Habits to Expand your Comfort Zone.” Caroline has worked across the world as a veterinarian, from the forests of Thailand to the beaches of Saipan. Her entrepreneurial spirit urged her to build two online businesses; an employment agency for veterinary professionals, and a jewelry business. She is always up for a challenge, like learning guitar, skiing, rock climbing, getting her kids to eat vegetables, surfing, and selling fake wigs at a fair in Australia. Her late diagnosis of ADHD explains everything, and gives her a unique perspective on finding success as a professional with neurodiversity. Caroline is passionate about challenging norms and conventions, to find better ways of working and thinking about the world. Caroline lives in Calgary, Alberta, where her lectures go unheeded by her family. The dog listens, sometimes.